Ismail Zaidy

"I mainly use photography to express my inner point of view on some of the topics that I can't express through words."  - Ismail Zaidy 

Born in 1997, in Morocco, he currently lives and works in Morocco.


Through his colorful and poetic photographs, Ismail Zaidy aims at primarily expressing his feelings, which are the core of his works, without worrying much bout the camera or devices he is using. Many of his works are created from his rooftop, from his family home in Morocco. This rooftop eventually became his very own studio, Studio Sa3ada, signifying "Happiness Studio". Family ties and connections between its members play a prominent role in his creative process, the reason for which his sister and brother are often featured in his work. The faces are alternately covered or uncovered, but always manage to express the artist's emotions. From a visual point of view, the landscapes, the mix of materials, fabrics, and pastel colors evoke a world that is both intimate and charming. Ismail Zaidy has previously successfully collaborated with GQ and Vogue Arabia. The photographer is also known for other very up-to-date work, in the NFT sphere for example, with SuperRare and Foundation.