Kaloki Nyamai

Kaloki Nyamai's artistic practice encompasses an array of mediums, including painting, performance, and video, and is deeply rooted in the rich oral history and traditions of his Kamba community. With a background in interior design and film, he initially established himself with figurative works that dealt with the social and cultural issues faced by informal settlements, drawing from his personal experiences. Over time, his practice has expanded to include a broader investigation into the interplay between personal identity and collective memory, as evidenced in his persistent examination of the undocumented narratives and fragmented memories of his community.


Nyamai's oeuvre seamlessly blends the figurative and the abstract, utilizing a layered approach to his paintings that involves stitching, charring, and the application of paint and charcoal, and sometimes spray paint. This approach mirrors the complex social dynamics and interactions that he seeks to capture in his work.


Nyamai has garnered recognition both domestically and internationally, exhibiting in cities such as Nairobi, Cape Town, London, Dubai, and Hamburg. His works have been showcased in prestigious exhibitions such as the Kampala Biennale in 2018 and are set to be featured in the forthcoming Dakar Biennale, Stellenbosch Triennial, and Ostrale Biennale in 2020. His art is widely collected by private collectors across the globe.