Igor Moritz, a Polish-born artist, employs an electrifying chromatic scheme in his paintings that bring to life his raw and visceral representation of human solitude and relationships. With the use of oil paint or colored pencils, he creates visually striking and almost Fauvist backgrounds, accompanied by figures that gaze melancholically at the viewer. His works embody the artistic influences of Henri Matisse, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, and Francis Bacon, culminating in a unique style that is a fusion of the Fauvist movement and Expressionism. Despite receiving formal training in industrial design, Moritz is largely self-taught in his fine art practice and has honed his skills through independent study. His works have been showcased in various cities across the world including London, Paris, New York and Mallorca and are part of prestigious collections such as Colección SOLO in Madrid and Rad Hourani Foundation in Montreal.
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