Prince Gyasi is a 26-year old Ghanaian artist. He shot his first photographs through an iPhone in order to break artistic conventions and question the elitism found in art. Prince Gyasi is a visual storyteller who aims to represent his community and generation through his work. His practice, featuring block colour and vibrant contrast, aims at making his audience enter his own reality with synesthesia, a condition that creates unconventional overlap between the senses, for example experiencing colour as sound or associating words with colour. 
His signature aesthetic invites the audience to enter his own reality. Through his unique colourful universe, he depicts the elegance and energy of his generation, liberated from the old beliefs on sexuality, race and traditional social norms. The artist considers his work as 'a therapy through colours' and believes colour have a positive impact on people's mental health and happiness. His work also highlights the beauty of black bodies, offering a counter-narrative to the dominant western-centered notions of beauty.
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