Lou Escobar

Born to a Spanish father and a Kabyle mother, photographer, and director Lou Escobar grew up in the Paris region. Far from tourism, she cultivated a passion both for cinema and travel at a very young age. Her career took a turn when she left for the United States after her studies in philosophy. Her travels inspired her and the diversity of the settings she encountered allowed her to feed her creativity.


The brightness of the colors present in Lou Escobar’s photographs as well as their appearance is comparable to the tones of the 80’s cinema and often reminds us of Tarantino’s works. The characters she chooses are unknown to her, but are always central to her work, while the choice and diversity of the settings install a real desire to create a dreamlike narrative in the viewer’s mind. Lou Escobar’s photographs bring to life powerful characters, and in particular strong women.


Lou Escobar lives between Paris and Barcelona.