ABE ODEDINA : An exhibition by Nil Gallery

20 April - 20 May 2023

Nil Gallery is proud to present an exceptional exhibition featuring the renowned artist Abe Odedina and a captivating selection of his works, paying homage to the art of the portrait. As a Nigerian-British artist, Odedina masterfully intertwines bold compositions centered on the figure, which transcend the conventional boundaries of traditional portraiture.


Drawing inspiration from diverse sources, Odedina seamlessly blends formal elements reminiscent of Renaissance portraiture with a rich tapestry of influences encompassing Haïtian Vodou, Yoruba culture, and African Studio photography. The resulting artworks emerge as compelling "figurative propositions," serving as vessels through which profound explorations of our shared humanity, the triumphs, and tragedies of daily life unfold.


Odedina's creations possess a remarkable ability to captivate the imagination and stir the depths of the viewer's heart, fostering a uniquely contemporary dialogue between life and art. Each brushstroke and composition delicately weaves a narrative, inviting audiences to embark on a transformative journey within the realm of the human experience.


With this exhibition, Nil Gallery strives to celebrate the extraordinary talent of Abe Odedina and provide a platform for the exploration of his profound artistic vision. The carefully curated selection of works invites viewers to engage with the artist's evocative portrayal of the human form and delve into the intricate layers of meaning within each piece.

This exhibition promises to be an unmissable opportunity to witness the power of art to transcend boundaries and ignite profound contemplation on the human condition.