Prince Gyasi

Prince Gyasi (Nyantakyi) is a 23 years old Ghanaian creative and visual artist. Prince creates images that are bold, hopeful, and tell the stories of marginalized individuals who are often pushed aside in society. Most of his images are created in his hometown of Accra, using the surrounding landscapes and community as his muse. Each hyper colorful print reveals fundamental human emotions that are tied in with a person’s life, such as fatherhood, motherhood or childhood. Using his iPhone, Prince captures both resiliency and strength through his striking silhouettes placed against brightly altered landscapes and vivid backgrounds. His art showcases the nobility and grace of black skin, offering viewers a counter-narrative to dominant notions of beauty.

Using his cellphone, Price Gyasi breaks artistic conventions and questions the elitism found in art. Having an immense amount of talent, drive and inspiration from his early beginnings in photography, he realized he could use his phone as a serious creation tool and as a means of expression. In addition to being a professional artist, he is the co-founder of BoxedKids, the title referring to “kids who are trapped in a place or situation,” which helps underprivileged children from Jamestown, Accra.

Prince currently lives and works in Accra, Ghana.

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