RIOS QUE NĀO SE VEEM : An exhibition by Nil Gallery

5 October - 5 November 2023

In this solo-exhibition, the Brazilian artist Alexandre Furcolin showcases recent paintings that collectively illustrate the artist's distinctive vision. With photography serving as the foundation of his artistic pursuits, his visual culture is nourished by multiple forms of experimentation and hybridism of languages, and, in addition to painting, he also works with drawings, photographs and books.


After publishing the book ‘Sao Paulo’ by Louis Vuitton Fashion Eye, which focused on the contrast between the rawness of the metropolis and the untamed natures that reveal itself in its undergounds and peoples, now Alexandre moves always from the city and expands the contours of his poetics to touch more subtle subjects, delving deeper into the notions of the human/nature/spirit relationship.


Most of those paintings originated in the borders of Brazilian Atlantic forest in close conversation to the beings and entities that inhabit those wild lands. They pursue a desire to touch things that cannot be seen: Rivers of will, of desires, of sensuality, rivers of life strength itself that flows underneath all manifested forces of nature.