Miles Debas

Miles Debas is an artist who beckons the mind to explore beyond the confines of the mundane and into the realm of the extraordinary. His paintings are imbued with an intricate interplay of textures, colors, and imagery that invite us to indulge in the mysteries and complexities of the human experience.


Drawing inspiration from both the ordinary and the enigmatic, Debas' paintings are a reflection of the multifaceted nature of our world. Whether it is a fleeting moment of nostalgia or the subtle intricacies of an unresolved pattern, Miles finds a way to weave these disparate elements into a cohesive and captivating whole.


Debas' work is an ode to the great Modern painters who have come before him, blending elements of Cubism and Fauvism with a contemporary handling of space. His paintings are a playful and idiosyncratic fusion of these styles, resulting in works that exude a palpable sense of admiration for the masters who have paved the way.


Born in Paris in 1985, Miles Debas has made his home in the vibrant and eclectic city of Brooklyn. With a B.S. in Studio Art from Skidmore College and an MFA from Hunter College, Debas has honed his craft to create works that have been exhibited in solo and group shows throughout the United States and Europe.