Søren’s work is the result of a duality, where instinct, raw emotions, “letting go”, are confronted with a precise and rigorous discipline. This binarity is the allegory of the eternal inner dialogue that inhabits many artists, confronted with the search for balance between instinct and technique. The artist begins his creative process on the back of the canvas.

The paint transpires, crosses, and reappears on the front of the work without any mastery, or established plan. There is this will of abandonment of oneself before giving way to the time of the discipline, the reason, and the domination of the subject.


The second stage is materialized by the sharp, precise, and accurate black flat wash, iconic of the artist’s work. Sejr then composes between various techniques, various fine textures, greasy, sometimes oozing. The light then comes to magnify the whole. It feeds on the alternations and chords, always right, which oscillate and switch between the matte and the shiny.


Søren Sejr was born in 1981. He lives and works in Aarhus, Denmark.