Joël Bigaignon

"My work is more or less based on my childhood in Mauritius: poverty, post-colonial race relations and cyclones had a great impact on my art. We lived happily but precariously in a house made of metal sheets. Inside, we glued newspaper to the walls for insulation. This is probably why I still use the collage technique." - Joël Bigaignon

An unconventional use of materials and techniques and a remarkable tension between control and spontaneity. This is the trademark of Joël Bigaignon’s art.


He was born in Mauritius to African/Indian and European parents and moved to France at the age of 10. In Paris, he became acquainted with European culture and was introduced to art when he studied and performed modern dance. He later broadened his horizons by moving to Denmark, where now works as a visual artist.


You can sense Joël’s roots and cultural experiences in his art: The mixture of African, Indian and European culture and the narrative about the mutation of colonialism’s and its impact on history, people, politics, religion. His inspiration for using collage as a material originates from his fascination with the way houses were isolated back then in Mauritius


Joël Bigaignon is based in Copenhagen and has exhibited his art internationally. Before comiting to visual art, Joël was trained as a graphic designer and work as an art director in the advertising world