Ato Jackson

I’m interested in images as a medium, and also as a material that I can manipulate, that has the potential to shape our way of thinking, to transform us, to speak to us, to promote us, to think among us, and to make us understand the world we live in. - Ato Jackson

Born in 1994, the young Ghanaian artist Ato Jackson explores the representation of the body in the era of Occupying the virtual space, example Instagram, where people tend to stage themselves in photographs, where the image of the body is manipulated, transformed, alienated.


Through silk-screening, he copies life-size photos found on the social network of friends or people met virtually, then he uses acrylic paint, acrylic printing paste and pastels with flamboyant colors to transform these bodies. From this reflection on his time, Ato Jackson's artistic production is torn between figuration and abstraction. The body is atomized with no vivid or clear identity to pinpoint but rather open for more understanding of what the body and its subjectivity can become.


Graduated, of a BFA in 2018, this young promising artist is currently finishing his MFA in Painting at the College of Art and Built Environment, Kumasi-Ghana.