Ato Jackson


"I’m interested in images as a medium, and also as a material that I can manipulate.  A tool that has the potential to shape our way of thinking, to transform us, to speak to us, to promote us, to think among us, and to make us understand the world we live in."

- Ato Jackson

A rising star in Ghanaian art circles, Isaac Ato Jackson (Ghanaian, b. 1994), delves into the profound anthropological shifts that have reshaped our relationship with visual content in contemporary times. Currently dividing his time between Accra and Kumasi, Ghana, Jackson's work transcends borders and cultures, captivating audiences with his exploration of body representation in the digital age.


In an era characterized by image saturation and ephemeral digital consumption, Jackson is intrigued by the desacralization of visuals brought about by incessant scrolling behaviors.

Motivated by this cultural phenomenon, Jackson embarks on a transformative artistic journey, seeking to restore the timeless significance and reverence to images often lost in the digital whirlwind. Through his innovative approach, he selects images from his own Instagram feed and transposes them onto canvases crafted mostly from denim.


Employing painting, drawing, and serigraphy techniques, Jackson imbues these once ephemeral digital snapshots with enduring permanence. The denim canvas serves as a vessel for sacralizing the mundane, elevating ordinary images to the realm of the immortal.


Through his innovative fusion of digital imagery and traditional artistic practices, Isaac Ato Jackson challenges conventions, blurring the boundaries between the virtual and the tangible, the fleeting and the enduring. His work serves as a testament to the transformative power of art in an increasingly digitized world.

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