Girma Berta

Using his iphone, the Ethiopian artist Girma Berta synthetises street photography with fine art by making vibrant portrait of the inhabitants of his hometown Addis Ababa in their daily lifes, through colorful and vibrant artistic series. Born in 1990, this young artist is gaining critical acclaim for his portraits of the working class of whom he cuts out the silhouettes from his pictures and integrates them into bold and colorful digital backgrounds. Graphic designer, painter and self-taught photographer, the colors are very important in his work. 


In his new series "Motion", the artist Girma Berta, seeks to encapsulate the vitality of the great cities of the African continent. With in watermark, the sacralization of the African working class, the one who gets up early and goes to bed late, the one who paradoxically to be sedentary must be nomadic, moves in scooters, mopeds, bikes. From Bamako to Addis Ababa, passing by Marrakech or Jinja, the bubbling energy of these cities is captured on the spot, thus materializing the invisible: the soul of these cities.