11 - 14 May 2023 

For the upcoming Photo London 2023, we would like to highlight the new generation of African photographic artists.

Girma Berta and Caleb Kwarteng Prah bring unique perspectives to the contemporary art market through their photographic compositions. They both celebrate the beauty of the working class and the everyday lives of their respective communities in Africa.

Girma Berta, an Ethiopian artist with critical acclaim, captures the essence of the working class in vibrant and dynamic portraits. Using only his iPhone, he merges street photography with fine art to produce striking and colorful compositions. In his latest series, "Motion," Berta captures the vitality of African cities by showcasing the working class on the move with a mesmerizing spun effect.

Caleb Kwarteng Prah, a young and promising Ghanaian artist, blends everyday objects and paintings with captivating portraits of the Ghanaian working class. His compositions are a celebration of the beauty and value of everyday life in Ghana to tell the African story in a fresh and exciting way.


Together, Girma Berta and Caleb Kwarteng Prah offer a dynamic and diverse perspective on contemporary African photography, illuminating the vibrancy and beauty of African cities and the hardworking people who make them thrive. Their works are a testament to the growing interest in African art and culture and offer a unique insight into the creative vision of emerging African artists.

This conversation is not only an invitation to poetry but also a call to reflect on the future of Africa.