Prince Gyasi

Prince Gyasi (Nyantakyi) is a 23 years old Ghanaian creative and visual artist. He is the co-founder of Boxedkids, a social project helping disadvantaged kids from the slums of Accra.

He started taking pictures in 2011 and bought his first iPhone in 2014. He primarily began with snapshots of friends, family and muses from his hometown of Ghana and then realized he could seriously use his phone as a creation tool, as a means of expression.

Choosing an iPhone to shoot is a way for Prince to distinguish himself from other photographers but also a way to break codes of this singular and elitist art.

Prince’s work is all about conveying feelings through colors and giving the floor to the people that are marginalized and left aside from the society. The photographer indeed considers his use of colors as a therapy to his audience and aims at leaving a « strong, positive imprint on the people’s heart and soul ». Motherhood, Fatherhood, childhood can be considered as his most characteristic themes.

Prince currently lives and works in Accra, Ghana.