Jesus Curia

Jesus Curia’s artworks can be best defined as a reflection on humanity and its components. Curia has a clearly defined and distinct visual language that both reveals the unity of human beings and denounces the drifts of our consumer society, particularly the alienation of workers. Curia’s sculptures represent the universal human, abolishing the boarders and the characteristics that could distinguish and divide us. The choice of medium used by Curia is of a preeminent importance in the understanding of his work; his meticulous selection of high quality materials outline the complexity of humanity.

For example, in his piece “Helicoïde,” the softness of the figure, echoed by the polished supple wood, is juxtaposed with the rough patina of the bronze. The materiality and form of his sculptures aim to expose the complexity of the human species.

Jesus Curia was born in 1969 in Spain. He lives and works in Madrid.

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