Diadji Diop

Born in 1973, Diadji Diop arrived in France in 1994, with the intention of learning cartooning. In preparatory class, he discovered the multiple potentialities of sculpture and changes his path. His passion for cartooning and cinema will always inspire his work, whether it is in his realistic works or in his installations, ther is most of the time a narrative dimension.

In 1995, he entered the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris and successively joined the Bruno Lebel and Richard Deacon workshops. He graduated with honors in 2001 and participated in the exhibition “Les Félicités” in 2002. He has exhibited, among others, at the Emmanuel Perrotin Gallery, at La Villette, at the Dakar Biennial and at the Abidjan Visual Art Festival.

He works on important themes such as these of identity, exile and violence. Focusing on realistic forms, he questions human relationships, revealing how painful they can be, with humor, strength and sometimes derision. His work is a call to dialogue, to sharing, beyond the color of the skin, the borders or the businesses of hate.