Kelani Abass

Abass Kelani was born 1979 in Nigeria and studied painting at the Yaba College of Technology, Lagos, graduating in 2007. Using a variety of archival methods and materials, Kelani’s art is highly personal and nostalgic, and probes the shared history and character of man and machines. He comments on the alienation of the worker and life in West Africa through a wide range of media, and in doing so, he depicts an interpretation of the past, present and future for those from his community. His art shows his deeply inquisitive mind.

About his art Abass says, “I am intrigued by the questions of how past and present coalesce, how an archive contributes to the practice of memory and historical recall.” All his works are created with much thought, preparation, and analytical research. He has won several awards including the Caterina De Medici/3rd Black Heritage 1st Prize in painting in 2010, and is a member of the Society of Nigerian Artists.

He currently lives and works in Nigeria.

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